Qualitative Methods Training

Workshop Overview

This four part training on qualitative research methods is for members of our community who are interested in training to conduct focus groups or more engaging interviews, interested in collecting feedback from program participants, has ever been interested in qualitative research, and/or is considering or enrolled in graduate school. We’ll review the differences between interviews and surveys, practice interviewing, and learn how to analyze data.

Participants of this training will be invited to contribute to a research project, led by the LGBTQ+ Health Initiative, to explore experiences of tokenism among our community, towards developing technical assistance and capacity building to address it. We’re defining tokenism as “the practice of doing something (such as hiring a person who belongs to a minority group) only to prevent criticism and give the appearance that people are being treated fairly”. In addition, at the beginning of the focus groups, we will ask folx about their definition of tokenism and come to a common understanding of the term before moving forward. Participants of the qualitative methods training will be invited to join the research team as a focus group facilitator, data analyst, and/or to help us publish a manuscript.

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This workshop was offered in July and August of 2022.

Materials and session recordings are available on our shared Google Drive.

The mission of the LGBTQ+ Health Initiative is to reduce disparities experienced by gender and sexually diverse populations by helping health and human services agencies that are a part of the NYS HHS LGBT Network more effectively reach and serve these groups. LGBTQ+ Health will share best-practice, evidence-based interventions designed to help Network agencies build trust with their clients so clients can gain the full benefit of health care resources available to them.