Community Advisory Board

Meet our Community Advisory Board!

Our Community Advisory Board is composed of 15+ members of our LGBTQ+ community in New York State. The purpose of the CAB is to provide the perspective of stakeholders within sexual and gender minority communities in the work that the LGBTQ+ Health Initiative is doing.

The CAB meets about 6 times per year, and tasks include reviewing drafts of materials and providing suggestions to make sure materials and plans are inclusive and sensitive to racial, ethnic, and cultural aspects, discussing the overall direction and goals for the grant, and successes and areas for improvement, etc. We have an open application for our CAB! If you are interested, or you know anyone who may be interested, please review this document and apply here!

Meet Our CAB

Interested in joining our CAB?

The LGBTQ+ Health Initiative invites interested New Yorkers from anywhere in the state to apply to be a member of the Community Advisory Board, or CAB. This advisory board is open to employees of the NYS HHS Network organizations and to the general public, with a strong preferance for members of LGBQ+, TGNCNB, and/or BIPOC communities. This CAB will help ensure the LGBTQ+ Health Initiative’s work is representative of all New Yorkers.