Navigating Difficult Conversations through Theatre for Healthcare Equity

Workshop Overview

Using roleplay and interactive activities, participants will practice having difficult conversations, such as responding to microaggressions. Network members will be able to register when registering for the TA Conference.

Theatre for Healthcare Equity uses interactive theatre techniques to help participants confront bias while cultivating empathy and practicing effective communication. The playfulness of theater opens the door for participants to move beyond just talking about a problem to instead act out problematic scenarios and explore solutions with creativity. In these workshops, participants have a space to safely, thoughtfully deconstruct the relationship dynamics, power structures, and prejudices at the root of conflict.

Carli Gaughf is smiling at the camera.

This 90-minute workshop will be offered during the October 22 Network TA Conference.

Previous Workshop(s)
This workshop was offered on 3/9/22.

There are no workshop materials at this time.

Carli Gaughf is an Equity and Inclusion Learning Specialist at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Carli is a facilitator with a long history of using theatre with diverse groups to address inequity. With URMC, she has adapted Theatre of the Oppressed techniques for the medical field. She has an M.A. in Applied Theatre from the City University of New York.