Equitable Policy Workshop


The Equitable Policy Writing Workshop, facilitated by Krystle Ellis from Ellis Consulting on 1/25/23, introduced a framework for creating, adjusting, and/or dismantling outdated, inequitable organizational policies.

3 day-long workshops will expand on core policy writing concepts introduced in the 1/25 training, including:

  • Building a policymaking team
  • Optimizing the participation of policymaking partners (inclusivity and power dynamics)
  • Root Causes Analysis in policy creation and review
  • Data Equity
  • Communication strategies
  • Recognizing systemic barriers

Participants will get hands-on and immersive practice applying these core concepts with colleagues from their organization and from other local AI-funded organizations during the workshop.

3 in-person Workshops:

Brooklyn, NY

Westchester, NY

Syracuse, NY

Writing Equitable Policy training held virtually 1/25/2023. In-person workshops by invitation.

There are no workshop materials at this time.

For over a decade, Ellis K Consulting has partnered with various organizations to deliver a suite of
unique consulting services. This multidimensional consulting firm specializes in catapulting businesses’
in varying industries to the next level through data analytics, strategic leadership planning, policy
remastering, and executive coaching. To name a few, some of its major clients include the University of
Rochester Medical Center at the Golisano Children’s Hospital, Rochester Police Department, Willow
Domestic Violence Center, St. John Fisher College, Starbridge, USA Today, and the Women’s Foundation
of Genesee Valley.

Now more than ever, the need to marry Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Justice (EDIJ) to organizational
functioning and leadership has never been stronger. Ellis K Consulting helps organizations to leverage
the strengths and diversities of people by implementing system-wide change methods through a
positive and appreciative lens. Founder and Chief Culture Analyst, Krystle Ellis is a culture broker who
helps organizations and individuals with pulling out the best qualities from within.

Committed to the Rochester community, she sits on multiple boards and has been featured in
nationwide publications. She firmly advocates for women’s rights, judicial fairness, equal access to
healthcare for children, and the international right to have clean water. She believes in having
transparent and courageous conversations that inspire people to soar higher.

Ellis K Consulting participates in a professional collaborative where firms partner together to provide
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