Seeing White Podcast

LGBTQ+ Health Initiative’s Anti-racism Listening & Learning  Series

In this first iteration of the Antiracism Listening and Learning Series, we listened to the Seeing White Podcast by Scene on Radio, over 7 weeks in Summer 2020. More information below.

Series Information

A summer listening and learning series for people to learn the history of how structural racism was built in our country. This will be comprised of different listening and learning opportunities, using podcasts and book club formats to include a variety of ways that people learn. We have a baseline assumption that these materials are appropriately researched and true, and therefore will not engage in a debate about the truth of this information. We will, however, make space for people to wrestle with how this information may be different than what they learned in the past, and how it changes their perspectives on the world today.

Here is a list of what we will review over 7 sessions:

This series is primarily focused on employees of the NYS HHS LGBT Network member organizations. However, it is open to the public and anyone who is interested in constructive dialogue and learning is welcome to join.

The LGBTQ+ Health Initiative put together this Series in response to a recent technical assistance survey of Network organizations in which 45% reported they are interested in additional anti-racism training. Additionally, the events of 2020 have highlighted how urgent and crucial it is to understand the history of structural racism in the United States and to think about how structural racism impacts our lives and our work.

All meetings will be hosted on Zoom, all with the same link.

Four meetings will be held per week – all with the same content, in order to give people four opportunities to be involved (we know how busy you all are!). These meeting times have been chosen as they do not conflict with any of the Network committee meetings. Dates may occasionally change based on availability – please keep an eye on the schedule below.

    • Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30pm EST
    • Thursdays from 8:30-9:30am EST
    • Fridays from 12-1pm EST
    • 7-8pm EST rotating Monday-Thursday once a week
  • Article
    • White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh (week 1)
  • Podcasts
  • Introductions: name, organization, pronouns (10 min)
  • Meditation (5 min)
  • Brief summary of podcast contents (appreciate volunteers from group) (5 min)
  • What are your general reactions to this information? What jumped out at you from this piece? (30 min)
  • How was this learning and listening for you? (10 min)


Please fill out this registration form. IIf the time for Group A does not work for you, please choose Group B. With sufficient interest, we are able to hold a second, concurrent session. We have 16 open spaces per Group, so we ask that you please register if you plan on joining!

For the winter book club series, we ask that you attend at least 3 of the 4 meetings in order to have the best experience and to create continuity for the group.

We are pleased that you have people in your life that may also be interested in these discussions. This project is funded by the NYS Department of Health’s AIDS Institute to support NYS organizations who are members of the Network to improve their organizational-level LGBTQ+ and racial equity. While we welcome anyone to join us, we want to prioritize our Network organizations.

We chose these days/times because they do not conflict with any of the Network’s committee meetings. If you can’t make any meeting, then please use our materials & agenda to make your own discussion group. And let us know about it!

We have purchased 15 copies of So You Want to Talk About Race from a local, woman owned bookstore, The Dog Eared Book. Network members can request copies of the books to be sent to their homes during registration (click here). We also encourage people to check out copies from their local libraries, or to order the book from local, LGBTQ+, and/or BIPOC owned bookstores. The Libby application allows you to connect with your local library virtually and download eBooks. Finally, if you are someone who prefers listening to reading, So You Want to Talk About Race is available on Audible and Audiobooks.

We welcome people at all stages of their learning about how structural racism was built in our country and how it impacts black, indigenous, people of color today. We have a simple agenda for each meeting, which is outlined in the calendar events. Consider writing out your answers to the questions each week to be prepared. Also, we’re operating under shared agreements, so please see the Ground Rules (above in Series Information). We will do our best to be open to learning together, and we have 4 skilled co-facilitators to guide the conversations and help everyone in this process.

Presentation from our Summer 2020 Series: antiracism_week1

We will post any PowerPoint presentations, links, or extra material here. If you can’t find something or if something is missing, please let us know!