The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence is offering Feedback Learning Labs on Tuesdays in February 2022 from 11am-12:30pm.

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This training is open to all employees of all Network organizations, so please pass this information along to your colleagues. Registration is limited, so sign up now!

We ask that you commit to attending at least the first two sessions, and would love if you could attend all four sessions. Skills you learn in these labs will build off previous sessions, so you will get the most of the experience by attending them all.

Most teams, organizations, and groups acknowledge the importance of giving and receiving feedback on a regular basis. However, outside of performance reviews, it’s rare that members actually exchange feedback and hear how they are impacting others. This creates a dearth of information that can be detrimental to the group’s functioning since feedback that isn’t shared or integrated often shows up as tension and conflict later on. In these four 90 minute interactive workshops, participants will explore and practice simple communication models that will increase their confidence in giving feedback with more frequency and a greater sense of skill. Below is a brief outline of the topics to be covered in each session.

  • Exploring and defining feedback
  • Feedback scenario gathering
  • Needs-based understanding of human behavior
  • Feedback discernment – getting clear
  • Understanding and sharing observations
  • Speaking from our own experience
  • Feedback consent and timing
  • Making requests
  • Different models for different scenarios
  • Practicing with models
  • Listening for information
  • Reflection and closing the loop