Aug 13 2021


2:35 pm - 3:55 pm

Third Session

Materials for Session 3 – Friday, August 13, 2:35-3:55pm
Read How to be An AntiracistChapters 3, 12, 15Class, Sexuality, Power
Additional material for individual introspection sectionChoose one or more of the 3 following resources to review. disconnect from latinx identity reconnect in queer. This is an 8 minute long video hosted on Google drive
Black parents and private education: This short article describes reasons Black parents choose to send their children to private school versus public school and the effects of those decisions.
LGBT Families of Color at a Glance: This is a 6 page brief from the movement advancement project that reviews “the intersection of inequitable laws, social stigma, and race-based discrimination collide in ways that create significant challenges for LGBT families of color” published in 2012
Pre-session activity for individual introspection sectionPlease think about and answer the first two questions. The third question is a bonus question and optional!Please add your thoughts to this Padlet before the start of the second session on August 13.
1) Name three opportunities impoverished Black people do not normally receive that can keep them from climbing the socioeconomic ladder.You can add your thoughts by clicking the pink circle with the white plus sign in the bottom right of the screen.
2) Think about your life as a ladder. Specify and reflect on three opportunities that were critical to your climb.
3) What is your relationship to your racial and class identity? Sexual orientation? Do you feel connected to or separated from your racial identity? Sexual? Why? Does it change? What are the factors?
Additional material for collective accountability sectionChoose one or more of the 5 following resources to review.Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex: from Incite National Organization, a short webpage with a list of questions that people should ask about their organization and an explanation of the non-profit industrial complex.
Non-profit Industrial Complex 101: This essay by Sidra Morgan-Montoya is published on Community Centric Fundraising. This essay explains the non-profit industrial complex and related issues.
Spectrum | From Non-Racist to Anti-Racist Advocate: This resource is from Campbell Consulting, and shows a spectrum of activities/behaviors from passive non-racist to active anti-racist in individual, communal, educational, and systemic spheres.
LGBTQ Youth Crisis: this webpage is from the Ali Forney Center and reviews statistics of homelessness among LGBTQ youth in NYC
Brother Outsider: This is a 90-minute feature film hosted on PBS which covers Bayard Rustin’s 60-year career as an activist, organizer, and “troublemaker.”
Pre-session activity for collective accountability sectionPlease choose ONE of these questions to think about and answer:Please add your thoughts to this Padlet before the start of the second session on July 30.
1. How has reliance on foundation funding impacted the course of social justice movements?You can add your thoughts by clicking the pink circle with the white plus sign in the bottom right of the screen.
2. How does 501(c)3 status impact social justice organizations’ relationship to the state?
3. How does non-profit status allow the state to co-opt and control our movements?
4. Are there ways the non-profit model can be used subversively to support more radical visions for social change?
5. What are the alternatives for building viable social justice movements? How do we resource our movements outside the non-profit structure?