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Current Trainings


This calendar lists all of the trainings, workshops, etc. that the LGBTQ+ Health Initiative is currently offering or has planned! Additionally, the calendar includes workshops and events offered by our partners, Strength in Numbers Consulting.

If there is nothing listed, we are in the process of planning! Please reach out to us if you would like an update.

To see what we have offered in the past, please see our Training Archive.

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Data Visualization


Offered by Strength in Numbers Consulting: Data visualizations make numbers come to life. Come learn the basics of what makes an accurate and effective visualization, and practice creating one using...

The Network October TA Conference 2023 Presents:

Zoom Meeting

Courageous Queer Futures: A Bold Vision for Our Work in 2024 + Beyond Facilitators: Sade Swift, Mickey Ferrara, Brittany Brathwaite, Lolan Sevilla, Olajiwon McCadney, Carolina Kroon Audience: Open to all...

Progressive pride colors blending from one to the next.